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Crieff Hydro is where is all began. We’re now run by the fifth generation of the family and still going strong and expanding. We have hotels, restaurants, bunkhouses and cafes clustered in three magnificent locations. The Scottish Borders, Perthshire, and the wild Scottish Highlands.

Find out what it’s like to live and work in these locations.


Working in Crieff at Crieff Hydro or Murrypark Hotels is a little like living on a university campus. We have a big team and 31 nationalities working with us.  Some choose to live on site in our staff accommodation and others live in the town or nearby.


Peebles is a picturesque town set on the River Tweed. We have a large team at Peebles Hydro and more bijou teams at The Park and Peel Café. From the best named job ever: “Head of Fun” to all the positions you might expect in hotels there’s a wide variety of careers to be had.

West Highlands

Where exactly do we mean by “West Highlands?” The Highlands of Scotland cover over 30,000 square kilometres yet our three highlands hotels are within a compact area around Glencoe. A dream location to live and work, especially for those who love the great outdoors.