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Why Work With Us?

 Here are five reasons our teams like working with us. High five. 

Reason 1

Locations: in short, they're awesome

Anyone who tells you hotel work isn’t hard has quite clearly never worked in one, but in our world you get back what you put in. You get to work in the locations where people want to holiday, meaning on your days off you can explore some of Scotland’s most iconic locations.  Hike in the Highlands, bike ride in the Borders or pick picture perfect Perthshire.

Reason 2

Individuality: be more you

We hire for personality and outlook and, if needed, we train for skills. Much like you might choose to work with us for being a little different, we are definitely not looking to recruit corporate clones. Today is bring your personality to work day. And the next day. And the day after that…

Reason 3

Growing our own talent: opportunities to progress

Where would you like to be in a year, two years, five years even? We’ll give you the technical training you need to do your job and if you’re interested in developing your career further then we’ll help with that too. You might even be interested in our management development programme.

Reason 4

Different jobs. Different hours. All kinds of people.

Where to start? So at last count, we had over 200 different roles throughout the business from chefs to beauty therapists and riding instructors to digital marketing experts. All ages too from 16 to 83. And in amongst all of that, we have all sorts of people working every type of pattern – part-time, full time, night time or key time. 

Reason 5

Family benefits

Our team benefits are great. From buying a takeaway coffee to going for dinner, we offer great discounts.  And on overnight stays when rooms are available to super savings on Segways, archery and all our activities. Getting great rates on all the things we do means you can try them out and really bring them to life when speaking with guests. Oh, and have a really great time too!